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Help! What is Wearing a Face Mask doing to my Skin?


Face Mask and our Skin...

How times have changed - we long for the days when wearing a face mask meant relaxation with our feet up, maybe a scented candle, maybe even a glass of wine!

Now, of course, things are very different.

And as with anything new to our skin, face masks will be having an impact - although perhaps not the one we’d really like! Let’s look at what wearing hygienic face masks are doing to our skin, and how we can counteract the effects.

How do I Look After my Skin if I Have to Wear a Face Mask?

Firstly, we have to recognise that wearing a face mask is probably not going to do your skin any huge favours. We can, however, use some tricks to minimise the impact on our skin and prevent any unwanted side effects.

So, the biggest thing we have to deal with is that everywhere that the face mask covers, is going to become - sorry - damp. Condensation from your breath will build up. You're likely to sweat more, especially on hot days. And the mask is going to trap all that moisture next to your skin for as long as you are wearing the face covering.

To add another layer of complexity, if you’re not wearing a good quality and well fitted face mask, any friction on your skin might cause irritation or rashes. So what mask you wear is terribly important - see link at the end for our recommendations.

Pamper your skin a little, it will thank you later on...

- Anonymous

Your skin is probably not going to enjoy this. Your pores may well consider blocking right up in protest!

The most important thing therefore is removing all of that built up wetness and any debris from your skin, as soon as you possibly can.

We don’t need to tell you this - but just a reminder - that your hands must be scrupulously clean before you even remove your mask, let alone touching your face.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Hygiene is everything these days, as we know, and let’s always start with the hands before we think about the face.

What you put on your face after wearing a face mask is also important, especially if you are prone to sensitive skin. Your skin might not be feeling at its beautiful best.

Wash gently but thoroughly with appropriate cleansing products. Now is not the time to introduce new formulas, or strong acid cleansers. Be kind, and your skin will repay you!

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Can I Wear Make-Up with a Face Mask?

Honestly? It’s not a great idea - let alone being rather pointless! When your skin is already dealing with all the excess moisture described above, do you really want to add any more elements into the mix?

In particular, we think you should reconsider wearing any form of foundation beneath a face mask. With all that extra pressure on your skin, adding anything that is only going to block up your pores even faster is a no-no! Clean, healthy skin is what we’re all aiming for, and applying extra chemicals that might irritate your skin is not ideal.

Let your skin - at least under the face mask - breathe freely. Let it have what little air it may. Focus on your eyes and let them shine out as your defining feature!

How do I Look After my Face Mask to Protect my Face?

Wash it, wash it, wash it. After every wash.

Check washing instructions and follow them to the letter - as not doing this may affect the efficacy of the mask, and no one wants to risk that.

And remember that whatever you wash the mask in, may linger in or on the mask, and therefore come into contact with your skin, and potentially be a source of further irritation. Go carefully.

Wash your hands before taking the mask off, and wash your hands before putting it back on again.

Face masks are a hugely important tool at the moment, and will be for some time to come. We need to rely on them to protect us, so let’s look after them, and our skin, the very best we can. Safety and Beauty together, forever!

If you want to know what PPE you need to be safe during and after lockdown, you can get in touch and order supplies here: https://lddy.no/mzv7

Written by Rosslyn North

If you area beautician or clinician and want to know what PPE you need for your salon after lockdown, we'd love to help - call our team on 03330 151 166 or email wholesale@rosslynnorth.com 


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