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When are Pubs and Restaurants Opening in the UK?

When are Pubs and Restaurants Opening in the UK?


Missing Your Social Spot?

How much are you longing for a cold pint in your favourite pub, a fresh glass of wine on a terrace, or a lovely meal in your local restaurant?

We know - us too!

So let’s look at the important questions - when, and then how, could our best-beloved social spots reopen?

So When, When, When will Bars, Pubs, and Restaurants Open after Lockdown and the Coronavirus?

Okay - we don’t know for sure yet, but an answer is getting closer. If - and only if - certain conditional targets for reducing infection rates are met, they might be able to re-open on 4 July 2020.

This is still subject to change though - although we hope to be back in the bars on that day!

And, of course, all of our hospitality industry will look a little different, and the way we experience all venues will change.

I’ve Forgotten A Lot Of Things In Life, A Meal Has Never Been One Of Them

- Anonymous

So, How do Restaurants, Bars and Pubs Re- Open Safely?

There are still no specific guidelines for this, although the hospitality industry is of course working hard on all possible safety procedures to enable them to reopen to customers as soon as possible.

We expect that there will of course be new rules on social distancing. All hygiene procedures in every venue will have been re-written and re-issued to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness. And protection of all pub, bar, and restaurant staff will be of paramount importance.

Our ears on the street tell us that most food and drink destinations are already bulk-ordering PPE equipment for their staff, so that they can return to work safely.

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What will Pubs and Restaurants Look like after Lockdown?

We can be sure for starters that every venue will be using every inch of the outside space they have to keep as many customers as possible in the open air. Some local authorities are already discussing removing the usual fees for cafes and restaurants that want to put tables on the pavement, to make this easier. It may feel much more Mediterranean around here soon!

Restaurants, where possible, will be trying to take food and drink orders online or via an app, so that servers have to spend a minimum of time at each table. You may find that many restaurants and cafes will be running reduced menus for ease and simplicity.

Staff in every kind of food or drink venue will be highly focused on sanitisation, and almost certainly will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly every twenty minutes.

You can also be almost sure that all service staff will be wearing face masks, and many also will have gloves, protective gowns or clothing, protective eyewear, and even hats.
As far as we, the customer, goes - no firm information yet. But we may be asked to wear face masks while walking through public spaces.
The days of bottles of mayonnaise and ketchup being delivered to your table are gone, and we’ll see only individual sachets from here on in.
Protective screens are set to become a common sight in indoor food and drink environments.
Still - with all of these things in place, it means that we’ll once more be able to socialise with our friends and loved in our beautiful pubs and restaurants - and we can’t wait! We’ll see you at the bar!

Written by Rosslyn North

If you area beautician or clinician and want to know what PPE you need for your salon after lockdown, we'd love to help - call our team on 03330 151 166 or email wholesale@rosslynnorth.com 


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