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When Can I Go Back To My Beauty Salon?

When Can I Go Back To My Beauty Salon?


Missing Your Salon?

Our brows, our nails, our feet! Is there any good news about when we can get back in the salon and get groomed, and how it will work???

We’ve so missed our grooming, our beautifying, and our pampering - we’ve been so patient, and now we need beauty treats!

Most importantly! When will Beauty Salons in the UK re-open?

So the good news is that the countdown is on! Unless anything changes, most beauty salons will be opening for treatments on July 4th - only a few weeks away!
Most beauty salons, nail bars, spas, tanning studios, lash clinics, etc, are all already deep in preparation for reopening in early July. Their main focus right now will be deep cleaning of every salon area, including all equipment. Alongside this, they’ll be planning for security and safety once they can welcome beauty customers once more.

Nail, hair, brow, beauty, waxing and medi-spa salons - and all other types - will only be able to re-open with appropriate safeguards in place. So, things won’t be quite the same after this lockdown period - let’s look at what will change what you go in for your next treatment in a salon.

Good hair speaks louder than words

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Will Beauty Salons and Clinics use PPE?

There are no specific guidelines for beauty treatments, but we know what protections will be needed, in order to keep both you and your beautician safe. Here’s what you can expect when you go back into the salon.

1. Your beauty therapist will almost certainly be wearing a mask at all times throughout every treatment.

2. You may or not be asked to also wear a mask - although this will obviously depend on the treatment.

3. Some salons may not offer facials, or other beauty procedures that can’t be done while you are wearing a mask.

4. Your clinician will probably be sporting a pair of medical grade gloves during your treatment.

5. Every beautician will wear some form of body protection - this might be a disposable gown or a disposable apron.

6. You might also have to don a lovely disposable gown!

7. Every piece of equipment will be replaced before every new beauty treatment, to keep everyone safe!

8. Extra detail cleanliness procedures will be in place. - all beauty consultants will wash their hands thoroughly after each client.

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There will also be other proactive and protective measures in place in every salon. These are likely to include:

1. All salons and spas will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly throughout the day, and in between every treatment.

2. Complete sterilisation of all equipment between each use.

3. You won’t see any magazines and newspapers in any salon or clinic, as these could spread germs.

4. Take your own coffee or water - they probably won’t be able to supply you with your normal cappuccino!

5. The bathrooms probably won’t be in use, so keep that in mind before you go!

The result of all of this is that, even though things will look a little different, we’re going to be able to get back into the salon and catch up with our beauty treatments after so long! Whoop, whoop!

Most beauty salons and clinics are working quickly towards re-opening after Covid-19 right now. So you can start to book your manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, waxing, microblading, lash extensions, and nail art now!

Written by Rosslyn North

If you area beautician or clinician and want to know what PPE you need for your salon after lockdown, we'd love to help - call our team on 03330 151 166 or email wholesale@rosslynnorth.com 


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