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What Will Pubs look like after Lockdown?

What Will Pubs look like after Lockdown?


Pubs Glorious Pubs!

Pubs are at the very center of British culture, and we are renowned around the world for our love of a good old pint at the bar. It felt like the last bastion of civilization when our pubs closed their doors back in March.
It’s the question on everybody’s lips… when can we get back in the boozer?

When are Pubs Reopening Again

That’s the million dollar question! We are being teased with various dates, but the government has yet been reluctant to commit to a firm date.
You can be sure though, that this is not stopping our pub landlords around the country getting ready to throw open their doors and welcome drinkers back in for a round.
July 4th is the target date at the time or writing - but who knows? We can only hope, and wait. Bring it on!

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Drink Beer

- Anonymous

How do Pubs Open Safely After Lockdown and Covid19?

The landlords or our favourite pubs have a lot to think about at the moment. While we all want pubs to open as soon as possible, it has to be safe, clean, hygienic, and practical for them to do so. Our hosts have to make plans for all kinds of sanitary and distancing measures, to keep both staff, and regulars, as safe as houses.
So what are they actually doing to move us closer to pubs being allowed to open again?
● A whole raft of distancing measures and safety procedures will be firmly in place.
● Tables will be more spaced out to keep drinkers further apart.
● Outside spaces will be used as extensively as possible - it’s much safer to socialise outside wherever possible.
● Outside areas will be carefully monitored to ensure that large groups don’t congregate close together. This will include smoking areas.
● However - childrens’ play areas in pub gardens will probably remain shut.
● Protective screens will be popping up all over - at the bar, at any food service points, and between seatings areas.

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● Hand-washing or sanitising stations will be available through the pubs, at entrances and exits, and at bars and other high-traffic areas.
● The toilets will be working on a one-in, one-out policy - so no lingering! And they’ll be cleaned with suitable sanitisers very frequently.
● Numbers of people in every pub is likely to be limited according to the available space, to avoid overcrowding.
● Opening hours may be limited or different - we’re still waiting for guidance on this.
● When you finally get to the bar to order a pint, there are likely to be new procedures in place. The queue will be socially distanced, and you are unlikely to be able to sit at the bar to have a drink. You may order at one point and collect at another - signage and floor markings will be used to make this clear.
● You won’t be expected to return your glass to the bar - they will be collected by staff following strict hygiene procedures.
● Entertainment in pubs is likely to be off the menu for some time further, to avoid overcrowding, so don’t expect your favourite band to back live, or the big match to be on a screen just yet.
That sounds like a long list of things for pubs to do before they can open their doors again - but it’ll all be worth it if we can go back to pubs safely again. Pub landlords up and down the country - we salute you and your efforts to reopen, and we’ll see you as soon as we can!

Written by Rosslyn North

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